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Monique Beaufort
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Located in a residential and business zone of Outremont, Bernard Avenue, with its turn-of-the-century architecture, ample greenery and vivid gardens, is a pleasant, enticing spot. Intriguing boutiques and outdoor cafés have been blended perfectly in a residential setting, mainly because of the carefully preserved and showcased early 20th-century buildings. Local residents and merchants alike benefit from the peaceful and thriving business environment. Tucked away in the neighbourhood’s warm, relaxing atmosphere, culinary treasures await discovery—from a gelato to copious fine dining with international accents—and make this Avenue one of the city’s more inviting corners.

Founded in 1875, Outremont is famous for its unique architecture which forms part of the Architectural Patrimony of the city.

Outremont is also best reknown for its many parks, floral gardins and prestigious schools such as Vincent d'Indy School of Music.

With its trendy restaurants, boutiques and outdoor cafes, Bernard, Laurier and Van Horne avenues are frequented by both many residents of Outremont and Plateau Mont-Royal.

Outremont's distinctive identity is made up of its artistic residents.  successful writers, painters, choreographers, directors, sculptors, composers, musicians all choose to live in Outremont because of its cultural vitality.

Apart from its artistic make-up of residents, Outremont is also full of cultural institutions such as the municipal library Robert-Bourassa opened in 1998, art gallery Claude-Champagne since 2001 and the infamous Outremont theatre restored to show its historic splendor.